Tips from a Trucking Accident Lawyer

Getting into an auto accident is a bad time at its best times, and at its worst? It can be downright devastating. When it comes to truck accidents, however, those are both quite costly and quite dangerous, as this video by a trucking accident lawyer discusses.

Generally, trucks are well-insured, and not by choice. Federal law dictates that interstate trucks have at least $1 million in insurance.

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However, the high potential for a payout does not necessarily mean a high likelihood of a payout. It’ll depend on various factors, most importantly how much each party is at fault.

Different states handle fault differently. For example, some states require at least 50% fault on the part of the truck driver, while others have a 51% threshold. Meanwhile, some states allow you to get compensation even if you were 99% at fault for the 1% you weren’t at fault. Now, however much percentage at fault you are, will also determine how much you get back. If you, say, were 0% at fault, you’d see a proportionately larger payout than 1%.

However, it’s not just the fault %, but also the type and severity of damages. Damage to a vehicle is comparatively less expensive than damage to a person. And if they are long-term or even permanent damages, that influences how much of a payout you might be able to get through a trucking accident lawyer.

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