Helpful Personal Injury Terminology to Know Before Your Case

Personal legal lawsuits could happen to anyone, and one might encounter legal terminologies that are unfamiliar. In such court cases, these terminologies are inevitable. This video mentions some of them, and below is a glossary of some basic ones one will likely encounter during a personal injury case.


Refers to the person who files the case in court. Also referred to as complainants, and in this case, the injured person.

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It is the legally accountable person for the plaintiff’s injuries.


It is the agreement between both parties to end the lawsuit by compensating the plaintiff with money. Consequently, they drop the case against the defendant.


It is a set of written questions formulated by one party for the opposing party that they must answer under oath within a specific period. The questions uncover vital information about the other party.


It is where one party gives oral testimony under oath. One party, along with personal injury lawyers, presents the other party or their witnesses with questions.


Once the defendant is found guilty of the plaintiff’s injury, they must pay them for the losses caused. The payment caters for lost time from work, medical expenses, and lost items, among other things.

Final Words

With the numerous legal terminologies used in personal injury cases, one must get familiarized to ensure they understand their personal injury lawyers in such circumstances.


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